The ULTRA Team Challenge

Team Pink / vs / Team Purple!

When you 1st check in and pick up your wristband at our registration desk you will also be given either a pink or purple bandana, the color you are given will be completely at random. This bandana is your entrance to one of the two ULTRA Team Challenge Workshops on Saturday afternoon! There will be a Team Pink Workshop and a Team Purple workshop. Year one, 2020, the two pros battling in the ULTRA Team Challenge will be…

—- Brandi Guild / vs / Glenn Ball —-

One will captain Team Pink & one will captain Team Purple! You will not know which captain is heading your team until you walk in to the Saturday Team Challenge Workshop. Each captain will prepare a West Coast Swing Solo Dance piece (think line dance for WCS) for their whole team to learn! That first hour, they will teach you the line dance they’ve choreographed for ULTRA with a focus on fun WCS inspired movement! This will be good for your swing and a blast to learn! After that 1st hour, people that feel good about it and like performing, will volunteer to be on their captain’s team for the ULTRA Team Challenge later on that Saturday night! There is then a subsequent 30 minutes that team captains can work on staging etc for the show!

Saturday Night… Prime Time… wear all black and your bandana somewhere on your person! You’re in the show!

You get to dance with your Champion Team Captain and battle the other team for glory, bragging rights, and to win your Team Captain the ULTRA Trophy!

This was a huge part of the vision for ULTRA… we just want to say a huge thank you to Brandi Guild & Glenn Ball for agreeing to these shenanigans… all the prep… the work… and almost blinding trusting us!! Thank you for agreeing to help us manifest this vision!

Also thank you to Selina Her for her amazing artwork! Not sure if you follow her on InstaGram… but if you don’t… you should… she’s super talented! Follow @missherdesign .